About me

I am an evolutionary biologist and geneticist with interest in the evolutionary and functional genomics forces shaping the history and evolution of life, from cell differentiation to ecological adaptation.

After obtaining a Bachelor  degree in Biology at Bicocca University (Milan, Italy),  I earned a Master degree in Evolutionary Biology and a PhD from the Department of Human and Animal Biology at Sapienza University (Rome, Italy).

After  a two years hiatus outside Academia, working as assistant project manager for a NGO (Istituto Oikos Onlus, Milan),  in 2014 I moved to the U.S. for a two years postdoc in the Department of Genetics at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), in Christopher Brown lab, where I worked on the evolution of gene regulation and gene expression in primates.

Currently I am postdoc in the Department of Gene Expression and Regulation of the Wistar Institute for Cancer Research (Philadelphia), in Gardini lab, where I am working on comparative genomics of gene regulation during cell, tissue and organismal differentiation, with a particular focus  onenhancer and promoter dynamics in differentiation and cancer.

Additionally, I have an important background in molecular ecology  and I have been involved in several projects  focused on a relevant questions regarding evolutionary and ecological genomics of plant-pollinating beetles interactions, as well as genomics of adaptation of water beetles to different freshwater ecosystems.

E-mail contact: mail: mtrizzino@wistar.org





Copyright of  the “Evolution” image belongs to Aberger (http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-530593p1.html)



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